Dedicated Developer Service

CN Global’s Dedicated Developer Service gives you access to one or more Dedicated Developer(s)/ Dedicated Programmer(s) who work exclusively for you on your projects from our development centre in Sri Lanka. CN Global can help you to reduce the costs involved in development work by contracting highly specialised personnel located in a lower cost environment, such as Sri Lanka.

Under this model, you will be able to hire our resources on a monthly basis. This model is helpful when you have multiple and/or long term projects. This model will be ideal for projects which have timeframes exceeding 6 months or more.

Some of the advantages of this model:

When the project scope is not defined, this model will help you to progress as you are forced to define the scope. You will get a resource of your choice. You can interview the resource/team before hiring in your team. This model gives the flexibility to build a team of your choice, like a team with a Project Manager. Tester, programmer with no UI designers on it, no architecture as you may be the expert in it.

The hired resources will be assigned to work only on your projects and will have ‘zero distraction factor’ from other projects or clients, hence focused attention on your projects reducing the developmental time.

The hired resources will be working from our premises and interaction between the teams will reduce possible issues that might later arise on integration of modules.

Direct interaction with the actual developers is possible through Email, IM chats and Phone/Skype giving you total control over the development of the project. They will be available for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week; exclusively for your projects. If needed we can assign resources to work in your time zone to ensure easy communication between you and the hired teams.

The team will be continuously available if you opt for this model.

Dedicated Developer Service Creation Steps:

  • Cooperation initiation / agreement signing
  • Knowledge Sharing (requirements / process/ standards)
  • Team selection and key roles distribution
  • Infrastructure setup / infrastructure segregation
  • Process and methodology definition
  • DDS launch and operation
  • Operation review and adjustment

Advantages of this mode:

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Lower Establishment Costs
  • Risk Reduction
  • Flexibility
  • Process Expertise
  • Knowledge Retention