Partnership Opportunities

With growth a constant factor and prospect emerging on the horizons, CN Global welcomes the opportunity to explore strategic relationships with companies involved in software development and distribution areas.

These relationships may take the form of:

  • Private Label Offerings

    CN Global offers the ability to provide for the branding and personalisation of our software to fit the needs and requirements of the partner.

  • Marketing Agreements

    CN Global offers the opportunity to partake in Marketing Agreement with the prospect of arriving at a partnership between the marketing the software product in question.

  • Advertising and Sponsorship

    Whilst striving for growth and exposure, CN Global is open to the prospect of entering into a partnership that would involve advertising and sponsorship.

  • Subcontracting Opportunities

    CN Global is open to the prospect of undertaking software development subcontracts, partially or fully.

  • Acquisitions, Minority Investments and Joint Ventures

    Apart from software & website development, CN Global is open to new vistas in the business world.

We are open to a number of opportunities and solutions that meet our strategic vision.

If you would like to contact our Sales team to discuss ways that CN Global can work with you. Please send your enquiry to