Referral Partners

CN Global Partner Program Overview

The CN Global Partner Program invites prospective partners to enter into an agreement to offer a comprehensive portfolio of CN Global Products and Services to their customers. Being a reputed IT company, CN Global ensures commitment to building a successful, long-term relationship in the hope of delivering business rewards for each party.

Partner Program Levels

CN Global Partner program consists of two partner tiers catering to the business models; Gold and Referral.

Gold Partner

The Gold Partner level is comprised of companies that deliver a complete set of products and services to their customers utilising CN Global Services.


  • Presales & Post Sales Support
  • Free demonstration of solutions
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Market development support
  • Sales Presentation and demonstration support


  • Proactive promotion of CN Global Services & Solutions
  • Commitment for appropriate level of business activity is set areas of expertise

Referral Partner

The Referral Partner Program allows organisations to collect a commission for simply referring qualified prospects interested in CN Global’s Products and Services. CN Global manages all activities associated with closing the sales and providing customer billing and support.

This program will offer all Referral Partners and registered consultants the opportunity to earn a 15% lead referral fee for all qualified software leads that result in a CN Global sale.

Before a Referral Partner can receive commission, certain criteria must be met:

  • Referral Partners must have submitted a Referral Partner Application.
  • Referral Partners must first register the lead with CN Global.
  • In order to avoid conflict, CN Global must approve the lead.
  • The approved lead must close within 6 months of the date of registration.
  • Referral Partners are only eligible for commission during the life time billing of the referred customer.


For further information please contact us at or call 1300 72 50 90